Media Tent

Get Your Spot on the KNOM Media Tent!

KNOM is establishing a media tent which will serve as the epicenter of our station's media coverage for local events. We have four levels of sponsorships to ensure your company is displayed at any event we utilize during the life of the tent; including future Iditarods, KNOM local events, etc. The estimated life of the tent is five years.

Lead Dog Sponsor - $2,500

Prominent Logo Placement on the Media Tent (1ft x 1ft)

As a Lead Dog, your brand will be showcased on the media tent with a space measuring 1 foot by 1 foot. This strategic placement ensures maximum visibility to attendees, media personnel, and participants to see.

This premium positioning not only enhances brand recognition but also signifies your commitment to supporting KNOM and the communities we serve. Additionally, the high-quality printing and durable materials used for the logo display ensure that your brand maintains a polished and professional appearance throughout the event.

Swing Dog Sponsor - $1,750

Logo Displayed on the Media Tent (8in x 8in)

As a valued Swing Dog Sponsor, your brand will be featured with a logo space measuring 8 inches by 8 inches on the media tent. Your logo will exude a vibrant presence, reinforcing your brand's identity and commitment to supporting KNOM.

By aligning your brand with the Swing Dog Sponsorship level, you are investing in a meaningful partnership with KNOM and creating lasting impressions within the community and beyond.

Team Dog Sponsor - $1,000

Logo Displayed on the Media Tent (6in x 6in)

Team Dog Sponsors will be prominently featured on the media tent with a dedicated logo space measuring 6 inches by 6 inches. This targeted placement ensures that your logo receives significant visibility among event attendees.

By participating as a Team Dog Sponsor, you are making a valuable contribution to the success of KNOM events while enhancing your brand's visibility and impact within the community.

Wheel Dog Sponsor - $500

Name Listed on the Media Tent

As a Wheel Dog Sponsor, your support is integral to the success of our event. Your company name will be listed on the media tent, demonstrating your commitment to community involvement in the Bering Strait region.

While this sponsorship level may not include a logo display, your name will still be visible to all. This option allows businesses and individuals to contribute to the event's success and align with KNOM's mission at an accessible level.